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Ventral and Femoral Hernias

Ventral and Femoral Hernias

Ventral and Femoral Hernias

A ventral hernia is any hernia that occurs in the abdominal wall, which we call the ventral side of a person. A femoral hernia is a variation of the inguinal or the groin hernia. It occurs right next to the blood vessels that are exiting your abdominal cavity and going into your legs. This would be the femoral artery and vein, and you can develop a bulge right next to it. It's something that we don't see very commonly in men, but we see it more commonly in women.

Doctor Profile

Kai Nishi, MD, FACS

Bariatric Surgery

  • Board Certified bariatric surgeon in Trauma Services and Surgical Intensive Care at Cedars-Sinai
  • Formerly the Assistant Director of the Cedars-Sinai Center for Minimally Invasive and Weight Loss Surgery
  • One of the principal investigators of the FDA trials on a new procedure called TOGA (incision-less weight loss surgery), and is one of only a handful of surgeons in the U.S. who have performed this procedure

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