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Seeing a Doctor

Seeing a Doctor

Seeing a Doctor

If a patient is at home and they start to notice some discomfort either in the belly button or in the groin region or anywhere else on the abdominal wall, they might want to think about seeing their doctor to be examined to see if they have a hernia. Now, if that person is at home and they happen to notice a bulge that comes and goes, then they definitely need to come in to see a hernia surgeon and may actually need to have that repaired relatively soon. It's important to note that in general, hernias should not be ignored. If you have any suspicion that you might have a hernia - whether it's discomfort or bulge - it's important for that patient to go in to see their doctor to be examined and make sure that they don't have a hernia, or if they do have a hernia, to go on to see a surgeon and have that repaired.

Doctor Profile

Kai Nishi, MD, FACS

Bariatric Surgery

  • Board Certified bariatric surgeon in Trauma Services and Surgical Intensive Care at Cedars-Sinai
  • Formerly the Assistant Director of the Cedars-Sinai Center for Minimally Invasive and Weight Loss Surgery
  • One of the principal investigators of the FDA trials on a new procedure called TOGA (incision-less weight loss surgery), and is one of only a handful of surgeons in the U.S. who have performed this procedure

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