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TapCloud Health

December 10, 2019


TapCloud Health is an app that tracks your wellbeing and health, and is tailored to you to reflect your experience each day. The app is personalized to feature your diagnosis, medications, past responses, and possible future complications. The app is available on iOS and Android and is free to download.



The app includes features such as symptom tracking, medication tracking, to-dos, notes, share, photos, and reports. All of these features allow users to monitor their health and manage their conditions and recovery. The app is customized for every patient and is HIPAA secure.


Symptom Tracker

The symptom tracking feature allows you to track how and what you feel. You can receive reminders to take your medication with the medication tracking feature. You can keep a list of things that need to get done and check them off when they are completed using the to-do feature.



Using the notes feature, you can record your life and take notes of questions you have as they come up. You can share access with others to coordinate your care, take secure photos, and learn more about how your actions affect your feelings.


Helpful For Doctors

The TapCloud Health App is a great tool for monitoring and tracking your symptoms and health. The app keeps track of everything and your doctor can use the reports to understand your health and help you recover and improve. TapCloud Health allows doctors to stay up to date with their patients’ health between visits.

Mobile Apps

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