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December 9, 2019


CeDAR computes a mathematical equation taken from over 500 ventral hernia repair patients at Carolinas Medical Centers to determine users’ costs (above the national average) and risk for complications associated with hernias. It includes educational resources on different types of hernias and their treatments. The calculated costs also account for travel and time for multiple clinic visits. Users can contact Carolinas Medical Center with any questions or concerns through an in-app form.



CeDAR is the Carolinas Equation for Determining Associated Risks of ventral hernia repair. The app performs two main functions: calculating costs and determining risks. The costs are divided into two types, however some users may still be confused by the format. There is an interface issue at the start of the app that seems unnecessary. 



CeDAR helps patients plan ahead for a ventral hernia repair by calculating the costs over national averages based on personal health factors. This is separated by in-hospital charges and follow-up charges. The app also calculates the patient’s particular risk for complications, displayed as a percentage. Users can read additional information about the factors that may increase complication risks in the general health articles. Patients can also read articles on hernia detection, causes, and types. 



CeDAR may confuse some users by displaying additional costs over the national average for ventral hernia repair instead of the total amount with the average costs included. This means that a user could mistake the surplus costs for the total costs and financially prepare for the wrong amount. The national average for a ventral hernia or for the different types of hernias is not displayed anywhere within the app. An additional issue is that users have to click “begin” on the opening screen even when the app hasn’t been closed out from the previously inputted answers.

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